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The average person approaches the subject of hypnosis with numerous preconceived notions, most incorrect.  Many people think of hypnosis as being magical, mystical, supernatural or associated with occult practices.  All of these 'notions' could not be more incorrect, but are indicative of the attitudes of a large number of people.

Fear is one of the biggest reasons people do not seek hypnosis.  Hypnosis is mostly misunderstood, and many people are afraid of anything they do not understand.

Anyone can be hypnotized.  In fact, the only things that can prevent a person from being hypnotized are lack of knowledge, fear, and not wanting to be hypnotized.  If a person can think, reason and communicate, he or she can be hypnotized.  You have been hypnotized every day of your life, you just don't realize it.  Television shows, movies, music...all of these can induce hypnosis within the viewer or listener.  Daydreaming is a form of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is used successfully for weight reduction, smoking cessation, nail biting, anger management, building self-confidence, improving study habits and sports performance and countless other habits and issues.

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