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What our clients are saying:

I'm so happy I found you!  After almost 25 years of being overweight, trying diet after diet, and the weight always coming back, plus some extra pounds, you have helped me take off more than 40 pounds, and I have successfully kept it off for over a year!  I feel great and my doctor has even taken me off of the blood pressure medication I'd been taking for a number of years.  Thanks, Cheri!   --Susan

I had been a smoker for more than 40 years, and had tried to stop smoking dozens of times, always to go right back to it.  I am now a successful non-smoker, and have been for more than six months.  I no longer have the desire to light up any time I'm bored or stressed out.  Innerlight Hypnosis showed me that I have the power to say no to tobacco use!  -- Bruce

I was going through a pretty nasty divorce and was feeling pretty bad about myself.  I was seeing a counselor, but didn't really feel that it was helping me very much.  A friend suggested hypnosis, and I called Innerlight Hypnosis.  It was very relaxing and Cheri helped me to see and appreciate all of the good things in my life, despite the divorce.  I am now happy and healthy, and looking forward to each new day.  --Jan

I was laid off from my job after more than 20 years, and just didn't know what to do.  My self-esteem was extremely low, and I just couldn't figure out what to do next.  I didn't know what I had done wrong.  Hypnosis with Innerlight Hypnosis helped me to see that I was a valuable member of society, and that  losing my job was not my fault, but a problem with the economy.  After only a few sessions with Cheri, I was feeling better about myself and had regained my confidence, so that I was able to interview successfully for my new job, which I love.  --Ron

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